Vegas City Highway Bus Parking Simulator

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Vegas City Highway Bus Parking Simulator

Vegas City Highway: Bus Parking Simulator is an immersive parking simulation game set on the streets of Las Vegas.

How to play

When you take the wheel in this game, you'll find yourself navigating the bustling streets of a city that captures the essence of the dreamy Vegas experience.

This simulator offers more than just a parking challenge; it offers an exciting opportunity to hone your parking skills amid a dynamic urban landscape. The goal is not only to win but also to master the delicate art of parking.

Navigate through busy streets, carefully avoiding collisions with other vehicles and obstacles near your designated parking spot. Each successful parking attempt will help you earn valuable points, adding a competitive edge to the game.


  • W/Up arrow - Accelerate
  • S/Down arrow - Brake
  • A/Left arrow - Turn left
  • D/Right arrow - Turn right
  • Space – eBrake

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