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Uphill Bus Simulator 3D

Uphill Bus Simulator 3D is a bus-driving simulation game in which players have to drive a bus on a hilly mountain. Pick up passengers and drop them off at the bus stops without causing any casualties.

How to play Uphill Bus Simulator 3D game

In this game, you take charge of a bus driver and your job is to drive it, and pick up or drop off passengers at the bus stops. The game sets on a hilly mountain with steep roads and hard corners.

So it really puts your driving skills to the test. You need to deal with steep roads, turns, and hilly terrain. If you crash into any obstacles on the road, the happiness meter of the passengers will go down. So try your best to make them happy to earn rewards.

As you complete the missions, you can earn coins that can be used to buy buses with better power and performance. Can you unlock and complete all of the levels? Play it now and show off your skills.


WASD or Arrow keys = drive, steer, or brake.

Left-click = interact.

C = camera views.

I = toggle UI.

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