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Traffic Jam 3D

Traffic Jam 3D is an incredible high-octane racing game in which you will have a chance to satisfy your love for speed. In this game, players will unlock a total of 4 modes with 80 magical levels and choose between desert and city travel at any time of day.

Traffic Jam 3D, as its name implies, is a rapid racing game that tests your driving skills through heavy traffic. Can you reach the end of the road while pressing the gas pedal to the floor and avoiding crashing into other vehicles? Join the game and give it a try!

How to play Traffic Jam 3D

There are four modes in Traffic Jam 3D game.

The Career mode: You will progress through multiple levels and receive a reward for each level.

The Infinity mode: You will attempt to remain on the road without hitting other vehicles for as long as possible.

The Time Challenge mode: You should try to reach specific waypoints before time runs out.

The Free mode (the final mode): You can do anything in this mode. You will be able to purchase new upgrades for your car or a new car with the reward you earn.

Game controls

Use the WASD keys on the keyboard to adjust the car’s movements.


Traffic Jam 3D is a driving game with fast-paced gameplay, that’s good for testing your driving and reaction skills.

Designed in 3D graphics, this game brings players a realistic and lively experience while driving the virtual car.

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