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Tank Trouble

Tank Trouble is a online tank game that takes you into the heart of intense tank warfare. Maneuvering through intricate mazes, you'll find yourself locked in combat with cunning army generals across various battlefield landscapes.

How to play Tank Trouble game

To excel in Solo mode, you must navigate your tank using the arrow keys and unleash devastating missile attacks with the spacebar. Be strategic as you traverse the maze, anticipating the movements of your enemies and firing from a secure position to avoid falling victim to their cannon fire. Beware of the walls though, as your missiles can bounce back and inadvertently eliminate your own tank.

In multiplayer mode, the battlefield becomes even more intense. Player 1 takes control with the "WASD" keys for driving and "Q" for shooting, while Player 2 utilizes the arrow keys and spacebar. For a unique twist, Player 3 can join the fray using the mouse, adding a different level of precision to their tank maneuvers.

Powerful special items occasionally materialize within the maze, granting you an advantage over your foes. These items include rockets, scatter bombs, and double cannons, enabling you to unleash even greater destruction upon your enemies.

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