Supra Drift 2

Supra Drift 2 is an exhilarating drifting game that offers players a thrilling experience behind the wheel of a cool Toyota Supra car. With four stunning locations to explore, including a deserted city, a dockyard, and an off-road racetrack, this game provides a variety of tracks to test your drifting skills.

How to play

Your objective is to perform impressive and extended drifts to earn money. The more skillful and longer your drifts, the more money you'll accumulate. Use your handbrake to initiate slides and navigate every curve with precision.

The earned money can be spent on purchasing new cars or upgrading your existing one to enhance its speed and performance. Customize your vehicle to suit your style and dominate the drifting scene.

The game is a free online game that falls under the Racing genre. It is often associated with Car Games and Driving Games, delivering an immersive racing experience that will keep you engaged and entertained.

Controls: Arrows / WASD = drive, Space = handbrake


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