SuperTrucks Offroad Racing

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SuperTrucks Offroad Racing

SuperTrucks Offroad Racing is an exciting racing game that pits you against AI opponents across a range of challenging terrains. You'll need to master a range of driving skills to come out on top.

How to play 

The game features a range of different races and events, including daily leaderboard events such as the long jump, time trial, and obstacle course.
From sand and mud to snow and tarmac, you'll need to use your driving skills and strategy to outmaneuver your opponents. You'll need to master drifting, cornering, and jumping to gain an edge, and you'll need to react quickly to unexpected obstacles and challenges.

As you progress through the game, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade your trucks and improve their performance. You can customize your trucks with a range of different parts, from suspension and tires to engines and transmissions, depending on your driving style and the terrain you'll be racing on.

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