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Sunkenland is a survival game with a Waterworld theme. It takes place in the near future, when most of the Earth is underwater. Explore sunk cities, find resources and useful technologies, build a base, trade, fight, and try to stay alive. 

How to play

The game throws players into an exciting post-apocalyptic survival story that takes place on an Earth that is mostly underwater in the near future. Check out the underwater subway tunnel, sunk skyscrapers, and nuclear power plants.

Find lost technologies, gather resources, and collect rare items from before the end of the world. Make diving gear to help you on your trip underwater. Be careful of the unknown danger that waits for you in the planet's depths.

Gather resources, find old technologies, and get back valuable artifacts from before the flood. Make diving tools to help you on your underwater adventures. But you should always be on the lookout—unknown dangers await in the deepest parts of this new world.

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