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Skyline Drift 3D

Skyline Drift 3D is a thrilling drifting game that puts players behind the wheel of a tuned BNR34 Skyline. Experience the excitement of tuning, racing, and drifting as you take to the streets in this feature-rich game. Customize your Skyline to your liking and enjoy the ultimate driving freedom.

How to Play

Customize and fine-tune your BNR34 Skyline according to your preferences. Hit the streets and engage in races against opponents, showcasing your tuned Skyline's power and performance.
Master the art of drifting as you slide around corners and maneuver through challenging tracks. Enjoy open-world driving where you can explore, race, and drift as you please.

Skyline Drift 3D offers a feature-packed drifting experience with the iconic BNR34 Skyline. Tune, race, and drift your way to driving glory while enjoying the thrill of customization and open-world exploration.


  • Racing Challenges
  • Hone your Drifting Mastery
  • Personalize your Skyline's appearance and performance
  • Open-World Driving

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