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Rocket Bot Royale

Rocket Bot Royale is a battle royale tank game in which players control a tank, blast other players, and try to survive as long as possible to claim victory.

How to play Rocket Bot Royale

Join epic tank battles

Your main goal is to control a tank and destroy other tanks to dominate the battlefield. You can use your cannon to take down other tanks and defend yourself against other players.

Earn coins and rewards

As you destroy other tanks, you can earn coins, gems, and rewards. With your earned coins, you can upgrade your tanks and purchase weapons, and cool items.

Level up

Try to complete all of the missions in your goal list in order to level up. As you reach a new level, you can access more powerful weapons and perks such as shield, ammo, rapid-fire, and many more.

Game Controls

AD or Left/Right arrow = Move.

Mouse = Aim.

Left-click = Shoot.

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