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Railroad Crossing Mania

Railroad Crossing Mania puts you in charge of a crucial railway crossing. Your mission: prevent train collisions at all costs. Assume control of the railway gate to avert disaster. As the gatekeeper, you're responsible for avoiding catastrophic crashes between trains and vehicles. Your life-saving skills are put to the test as trains traverse bustling streets, where accidents loom.

How to play

Your objective is to master the art of managing boom barriers at a busy level crossing filled with cars, buses, and trucks. Successfully navigate each level by allowing a specific number of vehicles to safely cross the tracks. Be cautious, though, as any collision spells failure. "Railroad Crossing Mania" challenges your strategic thinking and reflexes, offering a thrilling experience as you safeguard lives and prevent calamities. Engage in this free online game and revel in the excitement of being the guardian of the tracks.


Play with your Mouse Left Click



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