Offroad Masters Challenge

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Offroad Masters Challenge

Offroad Masters Challenge is a driving game where players can join an adventure across different countries in the world. Drive an offroad vehicle and explore different places.

How to play Offroad Masters Challenge

If you want to explore different continents and countries with your offroad truck, then, this game is a perfect choice. Play the game, hop on your vehicle, and start the adventure. It's time to show off your driving skills! You can try the Single-player mode or enjoy the game with your friends in Two-player mode. 


Single Player Mode

WASD or Arrow keys to move

Left mouse button to move the camera.

C to switch the camera.

R to restart.

F to turn on or off the light.

Two Player Mode

Player 1:

WASD to move.

C to switch the camera.

R to reset the car position.

F for light.

Player 2:

Arrow keys to move.

to switch the camera.

O to reset the car position.

L for light.

to pause.

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