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Moto X3M

Welcome to one of the most fantastic bike racing games ever! With 22 levels to conquer, Moto X3M brings you the world of fast-paced and challenging races. In this game, your major goal is to control your motorbike through the moving obstacles to reach the finish line as soon as you can. You can flip in the air, crash other vehicles, and respawn to earn more scores.

First released in 2016, Moto X3M was developed and launched by the game development studio named Madpuffers. This series of Moto X3M games are known as one of the most popular games in the bike racing games category.

How to play Moto X3M

Control the W or Up Arrow key to speed up

Press the S or Down Arrow key to break

Use the A and D or Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys to place your vehicle. For front flips and back flips, these keys are very important.

Tips and tricks

When you start racing the Moto X3M, you'll encounter an overwhelming element of challenge and error as you navigate the various obstacles that appear on each new track. Errors will waste time and affect your score when completing the level. Here are some tips for you:

Drive fast, but approach new obstacles with caution. Each mistake will cost you time and reduce the star rating you get at the end of each level. You can do your ultimate score-boosting stunts by performing some huge jumps!

There are 22 tracks in the Moto X3M. Races start with the basics and quickly turn into a multitude of pitfalls and obstacles that slow you down. All levels are replayable, and you will be rewarded based on the time it takes to complete the track.

You can use the stars earned by completing levels of the Moto X3M game to buy two new motorcycles. Hit play again, finish the race as soon as possible, and get yourself a new motorcycle!

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