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Moto Road Rash 3D

Moto Road Rash 3D is an online first-person bike riding game where you'll have to be level 47 just to unlock it. Rally your motorcycle through the city. 

How to play

You can choose between motor racing events in the United Kingdom and Turkey. Each country has a large-level map with a variety of fun levels to complete. Participate in each race to earn money, unlock upgrades for your motorcycle, or purchase a newer, more powerful bike.

In this fast-paced game, top the speedometer, customize your own dream bike, and balance it with simple controls while avoiding other vehicles and obstacles. Utilize the directional arrow keys for driving, accelerating, and decelerating. Earn additional points by skillfully overtaking cars on the road, but exercise caution—narrow maneuvers can be perilous, and a collision might result in a tragic mishap.

  • WASD or Arrow keys - Race/Break & Turn the bike.
  • Space - Wheelie.


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