Moto Rider 3D

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Moto Rider 3D

Moto Rider 3D offers an exhilarating motorbike adventure, inviting you to navigate a sprawling 3D world on an array of powerful bikes. This game revolutionizes the typical motorbike genre by breaking away from competitive races and time limits, granting you the freedom to roam at will.

How to play Moto Rider 3D

The controls are easily grasped: accelerate, brake, and steer with the intuitive WASD keys, while an adrenaline-pumping nitro boost awaits at the shift key's touch. Explore the extensive cityscape at your own pace, enjoying the liberating experience of boundless exploration. Moto Rider 3D offers carefree enjoyment, ditching the pressure of conventional gaming. Simply savor the pleasure of riding and discovering within a game that's all about having fun. Embark on an exciting journey where the thrill of exploration takes center stage in this unmatched motorbike escapade.


  • Experience diversity with a selection of four distinct bikes, including a police variant.
  • Choose from four diverse map options, ranging from serene hillsides to bustling urban environments.
  • Enjoy seamless and captivating visual effects for a heightened gaming experience.


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