Monster Truck Crazy Racing 2

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Monster Truck Crazy Racing 2

Monster Truck Crazy Racing 2 is the sequel to the monster truck racing game, immersing players in an epic, adrenaline-filled, thrilling race.

How to play

The dirt arena setting adds a sense of excitement, creating a challenging terrain that requires precision and control. Controlling giant monster trucks through twists, turns, and jumps requires a combination of skill and strategy, keeping players on their toes throughout the race.

The game's emphasis on the adrenaline-pumping speed and sheer power of the monster trucks adds a dynamic element to the racing experience.
With each race, players compete for supremacy, pushing their vehicles to the limit to overcome opponents and conquer challenging races.


  • Left/right arrow keys or A/D: balancing
  • Space bar: using nitro
  • X: launching rockets

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