Monster Tracks

Monster Tracks is an adrenaline-pumping skill-based game where you to navigate through treacherous paths with daring aerial movements. As you hit the pedal, exercise caution, as an excessively intense maneuver can cause your truck to arch backwards, flipping it upside down. Carefully analyze the path ahead and maintain a slight backward tilt to capitalize on obstacles that propel you forward.

How to play

Stay alert for a range of challenging obstacles including spline bridges, pebbles, tree logs, windmills, ramps, and even a treacherous body of water. A single misstep, and you'll find yourself submerged, resulting in game over. Adjust your speed accordingly, matching the requirements of each level, and soon you'll conquer this demanding challenge with finesse.

In Monster Tracks, progress is rewarded. Visit the shop to upgrade your vehicle's power, grip, and weight, equipping yourself to effortlessly tackle upcoming challenges. Don't forget to share this exhilarating experience with your friends and compare high scores, as Monster Tracks is not just a test of skill, but a chance for friendly competition.

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