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Jet Rush

Jet Rush game is a platform game in which players fly a high-tech jet plane and overcome various obstacles and challenges. It's not as easy as it may sound as the jet will move at high speed and you need to overcome different levels. 

How to play Jet Rush game

Your major goal in this game is to fly a jet, overcome all obstacles, and conquer all levels. It is not gonna be easy because there will be sharp turns, corners, and twists which require players to have great reflexes. If you hit any obstacles and crash, the game is over. So be careful. When you complete a level, you can earn coins to buy new jet models as well as upgrades. 

With new models and items, you can enhance your performance. What's more? You can customize your jet with different shapes, colors, and features, and arm it with shields, magnets, and boosters so that you can survive longer. 


  • Different challenge
  • New jets and items to buy
  • Fast-paced gameplay


Use the arrow keys or the AD keys to steer your jet left and right.

Avoid crashing into the platforms and objects

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