Highway Racer

Highway Racer is an adrenaline-pumping 3D racing game that challenges you to speed down a busy highway while dodging other cars. The game is fast-paced and exciting, with challenging levels and high scores to beat.

How to play

To play game, you must first choose your car. As you race down the highway, you must dodge other cars by swerving to the left or right using the arrow keys. You can also accelerate using the "Up" arrow key and brake using the "Down" arrow key.

One of the key features of Highway Racer is the ability to build up your speed by driving close to other cars without hitting them. This will give you a boost of speed, allowing you to quickly pass other cars and reach the finish line. However, you must be careful not to hit any cars, as this will slow you down and damage your car. Another feature of Highway Racer is the ability to take risks for bonus points.

Game modes: one-way, two-way, time mode, and bomb mode. In the bomb mode, you will be driving a truck carrying an explosive device that has the potential to detonate.




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