High Speed Crazy Bike

High Speed Crazy Bike is an electrifying off-road racing game that thrusts players onto the saddle of a high-powered bike, ready to tackle the most challenging and exhilarating courses imaginable.

How to play

As you kickstart your engine, the game throws you into a world of treacherous terrain and heart-pounding obstacles.

The game's diverse levels present a myriad of challenges, from navigating steep hills with precision to mastering narrow pathways that demand lightning-fast reflexes.

Rocky cliffs, muddy tracks, and exhilarating jumps await as you traverse the breathtaking landscapes, pushing your courage and abilities to the limit.
The game's emphasis on acceleration, jumps, and precision creates a thrilling experience that goes beyond just winning races.


WASD / Arrow Keys = drive, Shift = Wheelie

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