Furious Car Racing 3D

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Furious Car Racing 3D

Furious Car Racing 3D is a car chasing game designed to give players an adrenaline rush. The objective is simple: drive at high speeds and avoid getting caught by the police. With two exciting stages to choose from, Japan and Snow, players can immerse themselves in thrilling environments.

How to play

The game offers four engaging modes to keep players hooked. In "One Way Traffic" and "Two Way Traffic," players navigate through dense traffic, testing their reflexes and skillful maneuvering. The "Time Attack" mode challenges players to complete the race within a set time limit, while "Free Ride" allows for a more relaxed exploration of the game's open world.

As you zoom through the bustling streets, avoiding vehicles that obstruct your path becomes crucial. Collisions with other cars can result in a game over, so players must exhibit precision driving to maintain their momentum and escape the clutches of the pursuing police.

One of the game's exciting features is the ability to upgrade your car. By earning diamonds in each game, players can accumulate currency to purchase better and more stylish vehicles. This adds a sense of progression and motivates players to collect as many diamonds as possible.

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