Flight Pilot Airplane Games 24

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Flight Pilot Airplane Games 24

Flight Pilot Airplane Games 24 is an aircraft piloting game where players navigate through a series of obstacles like the sea, mountains, buildings, and other aircraft.

How to play

The game challenges players to avoid crashes and collisions while managing crucial aspects such as plane height, speed, fuel, and altitude.

As an incredibly realistic simulator, it provides the opportunity to take control of a passenger airliner, kickstarting a pilot career through 15 challenging levels.

The game boasts stunning graphics, captivating music, and addictive gameplay, creating an experience that is difficult to put down.


  • Using the arrow keys or WASD for character movement
  • Spacebar: jumping or interacting
  • Mouse: aiming and shooting
  • Esc: pausing or accessing the menu
  • Tab: scoreboard or inventory, number keys for switching weapons or selecting items
  • Ctrl or Shift: actions like crouching or running.

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