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Eggy Car

Eggy Car is a fun casual game where your job is to drive a car with an egg on it as far as possible. That sounds easy, but the task is really challenging as the egg can fall out of your car so quickly and easily. As soon as the egg falls out and breaks, the game will end immediately.

How to play Eggy Car

In Eggy Car, you have to drive a car and carry the egg as far as you can without shattering it. The roads are so hilly and full of slopes. That’s why it’s not easy at all to carry the egg far. So, it’s important to use the throttle so carefully to edge over steep slopes and bumps without the egg flying out of the car and ending up breaking.

You will earn scores based on how far you can carry the egg. So, keep playing the game and try to beat your highest recorded score. Along the way, you will also collect coins and power-ups, which can be used to upgrade your car. Spending coins on better cars with unique designs can help you travel much further than before.


  • Drive the vehicle and carry the egg as far as possible
  • Pick up coins and spend them on better cars
  • A simple yet really challenging game

Game Controls

- Use the right arrow key or D to go forward

- Use the left arrow key or A to go backward

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