Drive Mad 3

Drive Mad 3 is the third installment in the popular car game series that invites players to new tracks and challenges that put their driving skills to the test.

The game retains the familiar mechanics of its predecessors, where the primary goal is to navigate your car through various obstacles and reach the finish line.

How to play

This game presents a heightened level of difficulty with new challenges. Players must now contend with tricky obstacles such as water crossings, bridges, and other hazards.

Balancing the car and managing speed have become crucial skills, as excessive speed can lead to a catastrophic crash.

The game's intensity is amplified by different terrains across numerous levels, each presenting escalating challenges.

From diverse landscapes to intricate obstacles, players must hone their skills to successfully navigate and conquer every level. However, the stakes are high—a single crash brings an end to the game.


  • WASD or Arrow keys to drive.
  • R to restart.

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