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Drift Boss

Drift Boss is a simple yet super fun car-driving game. It really puts your driving and drifting skills to the test. Try to keep your car on the platform as long as possible to earn points and rewards. With collected points and rewards, you can buy new cars in the garage.

How to play Drift Boss

Drift Boss is one of the simplest and most straight-forward car games that you have ever seen.

All you need to do is maneuver your vehicle around the tricky corners and keep it from falling off the platform. Control your car by pressing the space key or clicking the left mouse button to make it go right and releasing the space key or mouse button to make it go left. So easy, right?

However, that’s not as easy as it sounds. In Drift Boss, timing and looking ahead are the most important factors that keep your vehicle on the platform. There are always lots of sticky spots on the platforms. Notably, some platforms are even narrower than others and require really precise judgment when turning.

Key Features

Easy to play with one-button controls

Many unlockable vehicles are available with upgraded handling

Game Controls

Use the left mouse button or the space key on your keyboard to drift to the right.

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