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Derby Crash

For those who love watching the Formula One World Championship, Derby Crash is an ideal game for you. In this game, you not only watch the dramatic race but also directly join the virtual competition. Derby Crash drives you into the fantastic world of car racing. Don't waste your time! Let's join the interesting game and become the winner overall.

How to play

In this game, players will compete by crashing their cars into each other. The winner is the last driver whose car is still working. The game lets you perform amazing jumps and drifts.


  • Use the WASD or arrow keys to drive.
  • Press Enter to unflip your vehicle.
  • Use the Space bar to control the handbrake.
  • Press C to adjust the camera.
  • Press T to enter slow motion.


Derby Crash features various car options that give players numerous choices for their favorite vehicle. In addition, with the 3D graphics, realistic car crash effects, and beautiful in-game landscapes, players in Derby Crash will have a chance to experience real-life feelings while playing. Moreover, this game also features portals that can teleport you to different places in the game. Last but not least, the full-screen mode will bring players an immersive experience during the playing time.

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