Cyber Highway Escape

Cyber Highway Escape is a motorcycle racing game where you will choose an advanced bike through sci-fi streets. The neon lights of the futuristic city create a mesmerizing backdrop for the adrenaline-fueled racing to take place.

How to play

The game immerses players in the thrill of high-speed bike racing, capturing the essence of nighttime adventure in a futuristic metropolis. 

Choose your cyber bike from the available options, each offering unique features and styles.

Maneuver through intricate and winding streets as you race through the neon-lit city. Use your skills to tackle sharp turns and avoid obstacles.

Navigate through the winding roads and experience the rush of weaving through the neon-lit landscape while dodging the many obstacles that stand in your way.

The game challenges the player's reflexes and control.


Use WASD to move. ESC to pause.


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