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City Driver: Destroy Car

City Driver: Destroy Car is a driving game where your task is to destroy cars. The game offers players the unique opportunity to take control of various cars and engage in exhilarating races where the primary objective is not speed but destruction.

How to play

As a player, your main purpose is to revel in the mayhem by systematically crashing and obliterating cars until they are reduced to mere bits and pieces.

The game provides an adrenaline-fueled platform where the joy lies in the controlled demolition of vehicles, offering a satisfying blend of realistic physics and chaotic fun. Get ready for a wild ride where destruction is not just a byproduct but the main spectacle.


  • WASD - Movement/drive/balance
  • Space - slow down/brake/drift
  • P -  Reset/restore cars
  • R - Restart round

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