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City Car Driving Simulator

City Car Driving Simulator is an immersive car simulation game set in a stunning cityscape at night. The game offers players the ability to customize their vehicles with options like wheels and steering to create their dream ride. While traffic is present on the roads, there are no pedestrians to watch out for, so players are free to enjoy the scenery or attempt to cause mayhem by crashing into other cars.

How to play

To play City Car Driving Simulator, you'll need to first select your car from a range of options, and then customize it to your liking with different wheels, colors, and more. Once you're ready to hit the road, you'll be taken to the city where you can explore and drive around at your leisure. There are no specific objectives or missions to complete, so you are free to enjoy the game in your own way.


Arrow keys or WASD: Control the car's movement
Spacebar: Use the handbrake to stop the car quickly
F: Turn on/off the car's headlights
G: Toggle the car's automatic transmission
R: Restart the game


Realistic car physics
Customizable cars
A detailed and beautifully rendered city environment

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