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Car Rush

Are you ready to throwback to 1980s car racing? In this exciting game, you will have a chance to show off your driving skills in the ultimate test. With fast-paced racing competitions, Car Rush is definitely a challenging and interesting game. The winner is the one who finishes the track in the amount of time available. If you run out of time, the race will immediately end. But don’t worry! You can hit the Retry button to restart the level or hit the Quit button to turn back to the main menu. Join the game and immerse yourself in one of the best driving games ever!

How to play Car Rush

There are different stages and tracks in this game. Remember a rule: the further you go, the harder they get. Be careful when you make your turn; the track is quite slippery, so try not to get off the road. If you go off the road, you'll go slower. Try not to hit other vehicles on the road, or your car will be corrupted.

Game controls

Use the arrow keys to make the car go faster, slower, or turn.

Use the up arrow key to speed up and the down arrow key to slow down.


Car Rush is not a violent game; it’s a mathmatical game because the player needs to answer seven math equations before each race. The player cannot move on if they give the wrong answers.

Each race is time-limited. So, make sure to finish the track before the time runs out.

Car Rush is now available on both PCs and mobile devices. However, the game controls are pretty different on these devices. Instead of using arrow keys like desktop users, players on mobile devices will use thumb pads for game control.

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