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Burnout Drift

Burnout Drift is a thrilling racing game that challenges players to show off their drifting skills on a variety of tracks. The objective of the game is to earn as much money as possible by drifting and completing challenges.

How to play

Start the game: Once you have selected your car, you can start the game. Use the arrow keys to control your car and navigate through the tracks.

The objective of Burnout Drift is to drift as much as possible and earn points. Drifting is done by sliding the car sideways while driving at high speeds. You can earn more points by drifting for longer periods and by performing more complex maneuvers.

Be careful not to crash into the walls or other obstacles on the track, as this will slow you down and reduce your points.

The game ends when you complete the race or when your car gets damaged beyond repair.

You can repeat the game as many times as you want to improve your performance and score higher points.

Game features:

  • A variety of tracks
  • A range of custom cars
  • Unique road designs, and realistic sights
  • 40 realistic engine sounds

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