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Bike Trial Xtreme Forest

Bike Trial Xtreme Forest is an exhilarating bike simulation game that combines captivating cross bike gameplay with stunning graphics. Set in a lush forest trail, players must navigate obstacles and humps to conquer 30 levels of increasing complexity.


How to play

Get ready for an exhilarating adventure with Bike Trial Xtreme Forest, an exceptional bike simulation game that seamlessly combines stunning graphics and captivating cross bike gameplay. Jump onto your cross bike and venture into the forest trails, where obstacles and humps await your mastery.


Showcase your daring side by performing impressive tricks like backflips and front flips, while mastering responsive controls and physics. With a quirky biker character wearing a chicken helmet, this game offers a unique twist on the traditional bike simulation genre.


  • 30 Thrilling Levels

  • Dynamic Forest Environment

  • Unique Biker Character

  • Cool Physics at Play


  • Acceleration: W or Up Arrow
  • Reverse: S or Down Arrow
  • Tilt: A or Left Arrow (Left), D or Right Arrow (Right)

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