Battle Wheels

Battle Wheels is an exhilarating arcade game that puts players in control of a car engaged in intense one-on-one battles. Unlike traditional vehicles, these battle cars lack roofs, allowing players to strategically utilize this design to their advantage.

How to play Battle Wheels game

The objective is simple yet thrilling: defeat your opponent by skillfully ramming into them and delivering a decisive blow to their head. With the ability to soar and flip through the arena, players must tactically position themselves to execute devastating maneuvers and emerge victorious.

In Battle Wheels, customization and upgrades play a significant role in enhancing your car's performance. Strengthen your base health with chassis upgrades, inflict more damage with impressive new wheels, and fine-tune your car's overall durability and offensive capabilities through damage and health upgrades.

Additionally, the game offers a character customization feature, allowing players to personalize their experience. For those seeking an extra challenge, engage in the thrilling two-player mode and compete against a friend to determine the ultimate Battle Wheels champion.

Get ready to rev your engines, unleash chaos, and climb the ranks in this high-octane battle arena!

Controls: WASD or arrow keys

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