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Asphalt Retro

Get ready for the ultimate retro racing adventure with Asphalt Retro. Take on the challenge of dominating the race tracks while evading law enforcement. Show off your driving prowess across 8 thrilling tracks, each featuring a lineup of 8 progressively powerful cars. Are you prepared to immerse yourself in the pinnacle of retro racing excitement?

Asphalt retro gameplay

Choose from a lineup of 8 powerful cars, each offering a different level of performance. Pick the one that suits your racing style. Pick one of the 8 unique tracks to race on. Each track presents its own set of challenges, requiring different strategies for victory.

Hit the gas pedal and race against opponents on the chosen track. Use your driving skills to outmaneuver them and gain the lead. Beware of police cars and helicopters that are hot on your trail. Skillfully navigate through the race while avoiding their attempts to stop you.

Learn the intricacies of each track, including sharp turns, jumps, and obstacles. Adapt your racing technique to conquer the challenges presented by each environment. Face off against tough opponents and maintain your lead throughout the race. Aim for first place and cross the finish line ahead of the competition.


  • Variety Obstacles and Opponents
  • Retro Racing Experience
  • 8 Exciting Tracks


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